Dear colleagues,
we are deeply sorry for the following lines.

You know what problems we've been having in the past years with SPPT organisation. When we updated the SPPT website at the end of last year, we were mildly optimistic. Unfortunately, we have not estimated or guessed this year's events in the world. Back in February, the pre-registration looked promising, but then its movement almost stopped.

We received very few abstracts by the first deadline, and in the last three weeks, some of the invited speakers had begun to give up their participation for various reasons. We considered the arrangement in a minimalist version, but since we are now unable to guarantee the implementation of the offered professional program, we finally decided to cancel the SPPT this year.

Thank you for your patience in the past years and willingness to come to Prague.

We tentatively assume that the next SPPT might take place in 2024.

We hope we meet us in Prague in better times.
Yours sincerely
Jan Pichal

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