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Account number: 2301708917/2010
Fio banka, V Celnici 10, Praha 1, Czech Republic

Please, use

  1. for payments in CZK within the Czech Republic account number 2301708917/2010 (Fio banka, V Celnici 1028/10, Praha 1), variabilní symbol=PIN/*/
  2. for payments in EUR both from the Slovak Republic and for payments from other countries (in CZK, EUR, USD)
    (the sum will be recalculated into CZK according to the daily exchange rate in our bank. Note, please, that the buying rate of our bank is at )

    IBAN CZ2720100000002301708917

    In "Remittance information/Remittance data/field 70/Detail of payment/With the following message/Message/Reference etc." field of your bank order form write: SURNAME + PIN /*/, please. This is your only identification for us. PIN is the identificator of the participant, the three digit number received in the preliminary registration.

Account owner:
Mgr. Jan Píchal
Václavská 13
120 00 Praha 2
registered in the Trade Register, IC (registration number) 08548439
DIC (fiscal number) CZ8309120083
No VAT payer.

/*/: (PIN = your personal identification number obtained by preliminary registration)

/*/ Variabilní symbol (identification number for payments from the Czech Republic and the Slovak Republic)

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